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Wearable Ben

13 October
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I am a sysadmin/programmer.
3d graphics, accessibility, acoustics, ai, ambiguity, artificial intelligence, artistic technique, arturo sandoval, atheism, audio, audio synthesis, bach, baroque music, bertrand russell, bill chase, books, brunettes, bsd, cheese, cli, color theory, command line, compression, computers, computing, corruption, css, culture, decentralization, dillo, diversity, dizzy gillespie, documentation, dragonflybsd, dry humor, e. power biggs, empiricism, epistemology, estimation, evergreen trees, evolution, falsification, fantasy, final fantasy, firefox, forests, freebsd, friedrich nietzsche, genetics, glenn gould, graphics, hackers, hacking, hair, harmonics, hermann helmholtz, hips, horn rock, html, http, imagination, imaging, incompleteness theorem, information theory, infrastructure, internet, irc, j. s. bach, jazz, joseph campbell, kurt godel, language, latin music, lexicography, libraries, life, linguistics, linux, logic, logical empiricism, logical positivism, long hair, martha argerich, mathematics, maynard ferguson, memetics, mexican food, midi, minimalism, monads, mozilla, music, music composition, music theory, mythology, netbsd, networking, networks, nipples, no makeup, openbsd, orchestration, organ, organ registration, pale skin, perl, philosophy, philosophy of music, philosophy of science, physiology, piano, politics, polyculture, positivism, posix, probability, programming, protocols, psychology, puns, pythagorean tuning, python, redundancy, religion, reproducibility, root beer, samba, science, sensation, servers, shell, sociology, sourcemage, spectral analysis, standards compliance, symbolism, technology, tone, trees, trumpet, tuning, unix, variation, verificationism, video, vienna circle, web servers, xhtml, xml, zelda