benjamas (benjamas) wrote,

Tech updates

I have been working on some Python modules for low-level networking, written in C, and which interface with low-level FreeBSD and Linux system calls. I will use them for a rewrite of my webserver, already started.

I have also muchly progressed the current version of my webserver, which just needs to be tested on Windows before officially releasing. The code itself is already published, and some documentation has been written for it, but it is not officially ready yet. It works on Unix, but I am not certain it will run on Windows yet, though you can try it. I am writing this software for my work consulting with local businesses. They don't have much computing power, and need something that does everything possible to reduce bandwidth usage while still running at a reasonable speed, is secure, and can run on any computer they have. The same requirements exist for building a hosting datacenter for businesses that don't want to host themselves.
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