benjamas (benjamas) wrote,

Server issues fixed, and replugging.

Seth's server was down off and on for a couple days since it seemed to be fried by the heat. That meant that CodeQuest, my new discussion board, was down. He got a new motherboard and 64-bit processor. It is an AMD Athlon64 2800 with 1.5 gigs of RAM. You all can start plugging it, now. ;)

I have cleaned it up a bit and added new forums, and stuff.

People aren't posting nor joining very much. I think people are intimidated by the topics, or they are intimidated by me, because I constantly turn people down when they ask me to code for them for free. People often say I am too confusing because I don't give them the exact code that they need, and try to help them understand enough to do it themselves. Well, duh, if I just give you the code, there won't be anything to be confused about, but I won't be coding for free unless I am interested in the project itself. You have to pay, and pay well. Software should be freely distributed, but I need compensation for the service of coding it.

Maybe they are afraid of my administrative tyranny. Hah. Or maybe they think it will be "for reasonable people only". I plan on just treating it like it is my home, not something political. I don't want people to be dependent upon it either, like people were dependent upon the last boards I administered. That puts too much pressure on me to provide for them.

No one has asked any questions yet. Perhaps because people know I will answer their question on their regular board. It is a chicken and egg problem. I guess the popularity really doesn't matter so much, though, since its main purpose is to showcase the scripts for my portfolio. It won't be going down even if it doesn't get popular, for that reason.

My Deskcam is now on page 2 of the google search for deskcam.

I posted my PGP public key.
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